Nebraska Society Internship 2003

Internship: Senator Chuck Hagel

My internship with Senator Chuck Hagel’s Washington office was an experience of a lifetime. I now have a greater appreciation and more confidence in a political system that has shaped the great nation that we live in. Textbooks and professors just can’t quite convey these messages like the actual experience can. These are ideas that I have been able to take back home and share with my family and friends.

Senator Hagel’s internship program not only provides a first hand experience of our political process, but also allows the interns to experience the city of Washington D.C. through tours and lectures. My duties as an intern included working with both incoming and outgoing mail, taking constituent phone calls, and other office duties. I also worked on several projects for different legislative assistants. One of the most rewarding projects that I worked on was sending pictures of cadets at The United States Air Force Academy, taken during the Senator’s visit to Colorado Springs, to the cadets’ families. The responses from these families were overwhelming, as some of them had not seen their sons or daughters in months.

As I said earlier my experiences weren’t confined to the senator’s office. I was able to tour many of Washington’s monuments and other government agencies. We also attended many lectures throughout the summer; with the highlight of the lectures being listening to Secretary of State Colin Powell speak specifically to congressional interns on the House Floor

This summer was one of the most amazing times in my life. I learned so much and I was able to meet so many wonderful people. I have great memories that I will keep with me forever, however the best part about my internship was not working in the historic halls of the Russell building, or watching the day to day activities of our government at work, but the fact that for six short weeks I had the honor and privilege to help represent the state of Nebraska in our nation’s capital.