Nebraska Society Internship 2006

Internship: Senator Chuck Hagel

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern for eight weeks in the office of U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel. As an aspiring government worker, I hoped to learn firsthand more about the way our government, specifically its legislative branch, works.

My assignment in Senator Hagel’s office was to work in the front office. There, my daily duties included greeting visitors, answering constituent telephone calls, and helping ensure that all staff meetings and tours were run smoothly. One of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of that assignment was my chance to meet everyone who came to meet with Senator Hagel or his staff. On any given day, office guests might include lobbyists, journalists, high-ranking government officials, corporate CEOs, American diplomats, foreign government representatives, military men and women, Nebraska politicians, and, of course, Nebraska families and tour groups! Each day, I looked forward to seeing who would be visiting the office.

Senator Hagel’s staff ensured that other Washington experiences would be available to us. We interns were able to observe committee hearings that were of interest to us, take tours of the White House, the State Department, and other Washington sites, and attend occasional evening banquets. In addition, Senator Hagel made time every few weeks to sit down and talk with us interns about topics of our choice.

My internship experience fulfilled my hopes that I would learn more about the legislative branch of government. Not only was I able to learn about the organization and work of one congressional office, but also how Capitol Hill as a whole operates. In addition, I am grateful to the Senator and his staff for teaching us interns to set high standards for ourselves with respect to our job performance. My internship was a worthwhile endeavor, and I appreciate the opportunity.

Thanks to the Nebraska Society for helping make it possible!