Nebraska Society Internship 22003

Internship: Congressman Doug Bereuter

My internship in Washington D.C. was truly a life-changing experience. I was an intern in Congressman Doug Bereuter’s office, of Nebraska’s First Congressional District. I am confident that my time in Congressman Bereuter’s office and living in our nation’s capital furthered my education.

Primarily, my academic education was furthered by the many people I worked under and around. My primary tasks revolved around conducting research through Congressional databases, authorizing reports about various health and labor related issues and legislation, writing and sending constituent mail, and greeting constituents and visitors as they entered the office. The work was typically very important, which gave me the desire to always do my best. The highlights of my work include: observing the mark-up process and debate for Medicare Prescription and Drug Act of 2003 (which was passed 216-215 in the House of Representatives!) and getting the chance to see and hear many Congressmen speak, where I was asked to respond to their stands on many specific issues. I met/saw all of the Nebraska delegation, Congressmen Jesse Jackson, Barney Frank and many others, Senators John McCain and Trent Lott, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, and many other Congressmen, Senators, and high ranking federal officials. Seeing, meeting, and listening to these individuals increased my desire to learn more, which was a positive factor in my overall education.

Finally, living in DC was an experience in itself. I stayed at George Washington University, where I lived with one roommate from Washington D.C. Mike, in intern for Congressman Ackerman from New York, and I became very good friends and spent much of our time together touring the city, going to clubs, and visiting surrounding communities, like Baltimore, when we were not working. In addition, I met numerous other interns, who were staying at GWU, whom I befriended and still keep in contact with. In addition to the people, Washington D.C. is an amazing city both day and night. The faced pace life brought a positive attitude to me every morning, which made me excited to work and to play. And the nation’s fireworks were a beautiful way to ring in Independence Day. Washington D.C. is an amazing, unique city which one can only experience by living there.

Congressman Bereuter, his staff, and the members of the Nebraska Society of Washington D.C. were fantastic people to both work with and learn from. I will definitely consider a career in politics or government work. My sincerest thanks and gratitude go out to Mr. Bereuter, his staff, and the Nebraska Society for their extreme generosity. I will never forget this experience and am certain that it will be beneficial in my future