Nebraska Society Internship 2004

Internship: Senator Chuck Hagel

This past summer I had the privilege of working as an intern in Senator Chuck Hagel’s office. Prior to my internship, I had an interest in politics; but nothing can compare to actually living and working in the Capitol. As an intern in Senator Hagel’s office, my duties included handling constituent correspondence through a variety of different mediums as well as assisting an aid to the chief of staff in a number of different ways.

The financial and social support provided by the Nebraska Society allowed me to have a positive learning experience. The financial aid was an enormous help in covering the expenses of day to day living. In addition, the social events provided a valuable opportunity to develop a strong social support base.

The Nebraska Society reception was an enjoyable event and many people attended; however, it was difficult to become engaged in a meaningful conversation. I found the Nebraska Society meeting more socially manageable. I would suggest organizing more events similar to this one. Receiving advice and getting to know the experienced members of the Nebraska Society may be the most valuable asset the Society can provide to interns. I hope that you find my comments insightful and helpful in improving the program.

The Nebraska Society played an important role in my internship experience. I will be happy to support the Society in the future in any way possible.